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Best Blogger SEO Setting in 2022

Best Blogger SEO Setting Thumbnail

Best Blogger SEO Setting Thumbnail

SEO might be most confusing think among the new bloggers. Many new blogger thinks that it is easy to drive traffic from google and within few months they got to new the reality of this blogging profession. It is not easy to drive organic traffic and rank your blogs. You must need to do SEO to rank your blog and get a good amount of earning from it. So here is some of the Best Blogger SEO settings which will help you to improve your ranking. So let’s get started.

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Basic SEO setting :

Write suitable title :

Your Blog title reflects about the niche of your blogs using few words. Your site title will attract the visitor to visit your site. Using a suitable and trending title for your blog is the first step toward doing basic SEO. Never use a title which doesn’t make any sense, never do it randomly. Always do prior research before creating a blog title.

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Add Description for your Blog

Blog description is the most basic thing which you should write down for your blog. It will tell the google bots about the niche on which your blogs are based and will help to reach interested audience to your blogs. In blogger there is a limit of 500 words for the description, this is far enough to write about your niche and site introduction.

Use A Custom Domain

While creating a blogger website you are given a free subdomain from the blogger. Even on this free domain you can access your site but, this free domain will not help to rank your blogger even you have great articles written on your website. You can easily buy a domain, it is not that expensive. If you have not bought you domain then must read my article on How To Choose Domain For Your Website?. If you already have a domain and you are facing issue to connect the domain to your blogger site then do read How To Connect Domain With Your Blogger Website?. Remember to enable both https options.

Formatting :

It is not that much necessary step but keeping everything in order will not give any bad impact on the blog. So please select your time zone correctly from the time zone which are listed over there.

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