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Everything About SSL Certificate You Need To Know

For You SSL Certificate might only a Lock sign but it is more than that. There are many importance of an SSL Certificate and We will be discussing about the importance of SSL Certificate And Why to use it.

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What Is An SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a Digital Certificate assigned to any website that enables encryption between server and user end. SSL Stand for Secure Sockets Layer which establishes secure connection for the transaction and Crucial information. An SSL Certificate keeps secure connection and Prevent Hackers to read online Shared Crucial Information as Card & Transaction details, User’s ID and their Private information.

Is SSL Certificate Free To Use?

SSL certificate is provided by your hosting company for each of your website Some of the Hosting Provider Provides SSL certificate for Free while some Providers Charge an Annual charge for the SSL Certificate. Providers Like Bluehost Provides Free SSL Certificate for all of your website hosted on their server While Providers Like Hostinger, GoDaddy Provides Only One SSL certificate for free while Purchasing their Hosting Plan and Take annually charge for Each SSL certificate You Want to Use on your Different Sites.

How To Install SSL Certificate On Your Website?

Installing SSL certificate on your Website is not that Big Deal. Every Hosting Providers Have their Own C-Panel having Different Interface. Maximum Service Providers Provides One Click Installation of the SSL certificate You can check tutorial of installing SSL certificate in the Knowledge Base of the respective Hosing Provider or You can install an SSL Certificate for Free From CloudFlare Server.

Installing An SSL Certificate On Blogger

Installing an SSL certificate is quite easy just follow the following steps to install SSL Certificate on your Blogger Website.

  1. Open Your Blogger Dashboard and click on Setting.
  2. Scroll Down and look for the section saying HTTPS redirect.
  3. Enable HTTPS redirect

That’s all SSL certificate will be installed Automatically after few minutes on Your Blogger Website.

Does Installing An SSL Certificate Improves Your Site Ranking?

An SSL certificate improves your Google Ranking. In the knowledge base of Google’s Forum You can Find that it is written. Site secured with SSL certificate Have a greater chance of Better google ranking than site doesn’t having an SSL Certificate. I Will Write another Separate Post About Factor Affecting Your Site Ranking.

How to tell if a site has an SSL certificate?

The most effortless approach to check whether a site has a SSL endorsement is by taking a view at the location bar in your browser.

  • If the URL begins with HTTPS instead of HTTP, that means the site is secured using an SSL certificate.
  • Secure sites show a closed padlock emblem, which you can click on to see security details – the most trustworthy sites will have green padlocks or address bars.
  • Browsers also show warning signs when a connection is not secure — such as a red padlock, a padlock which is not closed, a line going through the website’s address, or a warning triangle on top of the padlock emblem.

I hope you find this article helpful on Everything About SSL Certificate You Need To Know. If you want to know anything about any query then, please let me know in the comment section I will write a dedicated post about your Query.

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