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How Increase Page Speed of your WordPress site?

How Increase Page Speed of your WordPress site? Page Speed plays an important role in getting traffic or engaging users. A site with a good page speed score have more chances of google ranking than a slow site. A slow website also effects user experience as most of the users get irritated due to high loading time. So here are Few Tips by which you can make your site load faster.

Choosing A Fast Hosting

It is one of the most important factor which can make your site load faster. Most of the beginner make this mistake they just look for a cheap hosting, Choosing a cheap hosting will lead you to have a slow site. Always choose a beneficial Plan which can handle a good amount of traffic and can handle multiple concurrent process. However in starting most of the people can’t afford to have a costly hosting, But if you can afford that then sure go for a fast and reliable web hosting.

Increase your PHP limits

While performing an edit on Page Speed tools you may find this error for your site. It is the most common issue everyone gets, But you can’t resolve it on your own or by just installing any plugin. This issue can be resolved by your hosting provider, All you need is just to contact them and tell them to increase your PHP limit. Doing so will surely increase you site speed a bit. Don’t hesitate to contact your provider in order to increase your site speed.

Optimize Your Images

The images that you use in your blogs are one of the most important factor that make your site load slower. The larger image you use the more load time your site will have. You can counter this problem by optimizing you images size, You can install plugin for doing so. The plugin which is suggest is ShortPixel Image Optimizer it is free to use and optimizes all your images when you upload & existing image will be optimized within few clicks.

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Use A Fast Theme

While choosing a theme try to find a theme which loads faster. A funky theme uses too many CSS and JavaScript which can lead to a slower site. Choose a theme which uses less CSS and have a simple layout, Choosing a fast theme can also improve your search engine ranking, Read my Blog on How To Rank Your Blog On Google? to improve your google ranking.

Never Use Too Many Plugins

Using too many plugin may provide you cool function but also lead to have a slower site at end. Always try to use plugins which are necessary, Many plugins are preinstalled in your WordPress site when you create your site. Look for the plugin which are no more in use, Avoid using multiple plugins for the same job.

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Use A Caching Plugin

Cache are the prebuild version of your site which are stored in local storage of a browser and can led to a slower site. A pre build cache will be issue to reflect the changes you make. So clear your site cache whenever you make any change in your site or do so in regular basis. For caching you can use WPRocket Plugin which will do its job efficiently.

Use Cloudflare CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. You might have a good hosting but using a cloudflare server can store your sites info on the local servers installed around your region. This will help a browser to get your site layout instantly from the nearest server available in the region from where your site is being accessed.

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