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How To Choose Domain For Your Website?

Domain is something that you buy only once for your Website. Most of the people thinks that Domain is a Simple URL which can be used to reach out your website and have nothing to do with the ranking. But that’s not the case Choosing a Perfect Domain name can be a great start for Your Website. So I will tell you How To Buy a Perfect Domain name for you. So lets get started.

Select A Short Domain Name

Choosing a Short and easy to memorize domain must be your key priority while buying a domain for your blog. Never Choose long domain names this could be result in lesser Bounce Rate of your Audience.

Use TLDs Domain

There are various extension available for a domain name like .org, . xyz, .online, .ml, .tk and many more. Choosing a TLD (Top Level Domain) can help you to achieve a easy ranking on google. Always try to buy domain extension which is locally targeting. You can find the different extensions targeting different countries on Google.

Buy Expired Domains

Domains which once have been used by anyone else and is now no longer in use are called Expired Domain. These Domains are much easy to rank as these domains were already in use and have some ranking even before you purchase it. So look for expired domain and register the perfect domain which suits your niche.

Where To Find Expired Domain

Finding a expired domain is not that easy task as you will be facing a lot of difficulties while looking for a Expired Domain. Expired Domain lists can be found at different websites for free, But in order to get more accurate information you should use a Trusted Source like seamrush & Ahref tools.

When you are done shortlisting domains name which suits your niche look for the domain having high DA & PA scores, These scores are provided by MOZ according to recent practices domain having high DA & PA Scores have better chance of ranking.

Buy Domain According To Your Niche

Your niche is the main key success for you to rank, so Always buy domain according to your Niche. Think of buying a domain name like Howtohelp.in for a blog having niche of the Beauty Blogs. So always understand your niche and buy a domain which suits your Niche.

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I hope you find this article helpful on How To Choose Domain For Your Website? If you want to know anything about any query then, please let me know in the comment section I will write a dedicated post about your Query.

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