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How to get AdSense Approval in 2022?

Hi guys, Welcome back to new blog. In this blog we will be discussing about How to get AdSense Approval in 2022? This is from my personal experience on How to get AdSense Approval? So let’s get started.

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What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a monetizing platform by google. From google AdSense Website owner can make money from there content by showing ads on their Homepage and Posts. It is one of the best network yet available and pays a good amount of money.

Google AdSense Supported Platform.

Google AdSense supports many platform for the earning. You can make your money if you have a Website, YouTube channel or Any Application. Google AdSense support all the platform. To earn from our content we will be needed to fulfil certain criteria of google. We will be discussing about Website in this blog.

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How to get Google AdSense in 2022?

For google AdSense approval there are certain basic requirement which you must need in order to get google AdSense account.

  1. You Should have a Website.
  2. Your Website should have a Top-Level Domain. e.g : .com, .in, .org etc.
  3. Your website should have easy navigation Theme.
  4. Your website should load faster.
  5. There should be More than 10-15 posts written on you website.
  6. Your website should be Legal, as AdSense do not support Movies downloading website.
  7. The language of posts should be easy to read and understand.
  8. Post should be unique. Don’t Copy and paste posts from other sites.
  9. Your website should have Images used.
  10. Your website should have some amount of traffic (Not officially required).
  11. Your website should have Pages like Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About us.

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