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How To Migrate a WordPress site in 2022?

How To Migrate WordPress Site?

How To Migrate WordPress Site?

Hi guys welcome back to the new blog. In this blog we will be knowing about How To migrate WordPress site in 2022. This is one of the issue many of WordPress owner faces while he changes the hosting. This is not That complex task so let’s take a look on how its done.

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When to Migrate a WordPress site?

In starting many blogger faces financial problem due to which they often buy cheap hosting which can handle very less traffic. As time spends and site starts gaining traffic there is the need of changing hosting so that there is no downtime for their website.

In some cases if someone is facing downtime on one host then they need to shift their hosting from one host to another.

How To Migrate a WordPress Site?

Migrating a WordPress site is not that difficult task, but if you are having issue then read this whole article to migrate your site successfully and without any error or loss in data.

There are different methods by which you can Migrate your WordPress site. Here are some methods by which you can migrate your WordPress Site Successfully.

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Create a Manual backup :

This method is fully manual in which you download the content of your site and upload it to the new host. If you are willing to do it by manual method then follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your hosting account on which your site is currently hosted.
  2. Go to file manager.
  3. Search for the folder named public_htm.
  4. Open the location where the content of your site is stored and download the file.

This is all what you need to do from the old hosting account. Now as you have got the backup, all you need is to upload the backup on the new hosting account. To upload your backup follow these steps:

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