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How To Rank Your Blog On Google?

After Creating a website most people do not get traffic on their Blog/Website. To Gain Organic Traffic Your Blog should be ranked on Google To get traffic. Google is widely used and popular search engine, So once after ranking on Google Your Blog will gain Organic Traffic. But doing so is neither that easy nor that hard. So We Will be discussing the Best Practices To Rank Your Blog On Google.

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Use A Theme Which Loads Faster

This is one of the key factor by which you can Rank your posts on google. Most of the People Think That the page speed of their website have no any roles in ranking your blogs. While Google claims that Making your site load faster can improve your Google Ranking. So always try to use a theme which loads faster to improve your Google Ranking.

You can check you page speed From Page Speed Checker Tool provided by Google for Free.

Writing A Plagiarism Free Post

This is another key factors which is ignored by the new bloggers. For their ease they just copy paste the articles already available on google but doing so will not get them any traffic from the Google search. So always try to write your blogs by your self, You can get ideas from other’s Blog available on Google. But Do not copy the whole article. Always try to write article up to 80% Plagiarism Free.

By Choosing Keywords Which Are Easy To Rank

Choosing a keyword will help you to rank your blog very easily. There are many Topics/Contents keyword available having Low Ranking Difficulties. Always try to find keywords which are suitable for your Niche and have low keyword difficulties.

You can use various sites like Ahref, Seamrush, UberSuggest & Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Use Meta Tags To Improve Your Ranking

Meta tags will help you to rank your Blogs. Meta Tags are a kind of short statement/summary of your blog which will be read by Googles bot and Ranked according to that Content. Meta tags tells the bot about the basic content written and helps to improve your ranking. So always use a meta tags in your blogs. You can generate meta tags for free as there are many sites available and free to use.

Always Use A Suitable Heading For Your Blogs

While writing your blogs do not fake the heading. Most of the people chooses Heading in Bribe of getting a Higher CPC rate from google AdSense. But doing so will have a negative impact on your blogs and Website. There were various incident where People changes the topic of their blog in heading. These sites are being Blacklisted and removed from the search results. So always Choose a Suitable Heading For Your Blogs.

Choosing Your Blog Address (Domain)

Choosing a Domain might just be a blog address to you but have you ever realized that your domain can help you to gain organic traffic and rank your Blogs. This is really a big Topic and I will Explain it to you in my next Blog How to Choose a Domain?

Using Copyright Free Images

Images are Key factors which not only makes your post beautiful it also helps in Ranking your Blogs. Using a Copyright Free Image can rank your Image and help you to gain traffic through that image.

Always Write Easy To Understand Blogs

Using Tough words will not help you to rank your blog. People always look for blogs which are easy to read and Really works for them. So always try to write a easily readable blogs on your site.

I hope you find this article helpful on How To Rank Your Blog On Google? If you want to know anything about any query then, please let me know in the comment section I will write a dedicated post about your Query.

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