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Phishing and Social Engineering – Explained

Phishing and Social Engineering

Phishing and social engineering are terms from which everyone around us is might familiar with and if you are not familiar with it or want a information about Phishing and Social engineering then this blog is dedicated to you guys. So lets get started with our topic.

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What is Phishing?

As you can understand by name Phishing which is similar to word fishing means to catch something. Phishing is the term which refers in hacking. Hackers generally uses this method to get access on others Social media account. Facebook, Google, Insta and other social media accounts are being attacked constantly through phishing. Phishing can be take place through your Mail, Message, Bribes etc.

How Phishing is done?

Phishing as sounds as it meaning is carried away through cheating people. In the method of Phishing Hackers make a complete replica of the social sites and forces you through mails, Messages to go to that site and login with your credential. once you login with your credential that fake site Stores your login credential to the database of the hacker, and that’s it your account got hacked even without you are not known about this.

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Types of Phishing

There are different method of Phishing or you can say that there are different types of Phishing We will be looking toward the most used kind of phishing one by one.

Email and Spam

When Phishing is carried through mail it is known as Email and Spam Phishing. After creating the replica of site user sends you mail by pretending as a Support of that social site and force you to click on the link and to login with your credential and hacks into your account.

Instant Messaging

This is similar to Email and Spam Phishing but instead of getting a mail you are likely to receive a text message.

Clone Phishing

In this kind of phishing Hacker makes complete clone of your device through malicious application and get a complete access to your device even without having a direct physical contact.

Types Of Phishing
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Social Engineering

Social engineering is a term used to describe a wide range of malicious activities accomplished through human interactions. It uses mental manipulation of a user in order to steel their passwords and data.

Social engineering attacks are carries out in steps. A Hacker firstly investigate the victim and collect information which can be used to carry the attack.

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