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Why do we need Temporary Email?

Temporary Email are open mail box system in which an user can use a mail without even creating it. These mail are also called disposable Email, because they can be used even without having the original login credential. So lets dive deep into the Temporary mail Services.

What is Temporary Email?

This type of email is completely anonymous. When you create a regular Email you will be needed to provide your Personal information such as Contact number. Where as temporary mail can be used without providing your personal information. These emails are ready to use email which can be used across different services, where you don’t want to use your personal email.

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Why should we use temporary Email?

There are various reason for which you should use a Temporary mail rather than using your personal mail address. Following are such points:

  1. Temporary mails are completely anonymous and doesn’t contain your personal information.
  2. Temporary mails are disposable, It means that they will get auto deleted once used.
  3. It allows User to register on any website, where some mail services are blocked.
  4. If someone sends any spam message you will not be shown that message, Whereas in Other mail services Spam protection doesn’t work well.
  5. There is no requirement of filling captcha when you need a mail.
  6. No registration time needed, Temporary mails are created just withing few clicks.
  7. There is no need of remembering password, as it is a open mailbox system.

Benefit of using Temporary Emails

There are various services which allow to sign up only once using a mail, but often these site introduces a time span or a Limit of use. To continue using their services user have to create a new mail and then again they need to register using these new mails id. This can be frustrating and time consuming. Where are using a Temporary mail can solve this problem. As in a single click you get access to a new mail you can register a various times using these mails without even creating it. This is time efficient and reliable to use.

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How to get a Temporary Mail?

There are various websites available which provides temporary emails for free. You can get your own Temporary mail using these wesites:

  1. Temp-mail
  2. Email on Deck
  3. Mail-tm
  4. Crypto Gmail
  5. Guerrilla mail

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