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Blogger SEO Settings You Must Need To Know

After Creating Website on Blogger there are various settings you can do to perform better in search. These settings are very easy and yet effective to improve your search ranking. So let’s Dive into the Dashboard of your blogger and Do these settings.

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Add Meta tags Search Description To Your Blog

When anyone search something on google they get a glance/ Summary of the content and google finds the best results matches with their search Keyword. Providing a description explains about your Blog and help to short your blogs out from the crowd.

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Adding Description To Your Posts

Once you have enabled the meta tag Description you will find an option saying Search Description in the Right Side Of your Screen. Do not forget to fill the Description Having Rich Key Word.

Enable custom robots.txt

Enable custom robots.txt of your blogger website, You can find Your Robots.txt by adding /robots.txt in your homepage i.e www.example.com/robots.txt. Robots.txt tells google bots to crawl your Posts and pages on the Search Engines.

Enable custom robots header tags

Custom robots header tags help a lot to rank your blog if setting is done accordingly. I will be attaching the image of different settings which can be applied to the Blogger and help you to get ranked.

Home page tags
Archive and search page tags
Post and page tags

Adding Meta Tags In Your Theme

Meta Tags are the tags which tells google about the Niche, Content, Language of your website, adding these Tags will categorize your Blog and will help crawler to identify your Site’s Niche and will crawl it through google at your niche scale.

Meta Tags

You can generate meta tags from online free tools available Some of these tools are Meta Tag Generator, My Blogger Trick

Formatting Time Stamps

Always Set the time zone from where you are writing your blogs. Most of the people thinks that doing so will not impact their google ranking But that’s not the case always update your time stamps.

Using Errors And Redirects

When You Remove your posts then this leave a bad impact as when some having the link visits your blogs then they see error. and that’s where Errors and redirects came into use.

I hope you find this article helpful on Blogger SEO Settings You Must Need To Know. If you want to know anything about any query then, please let me know in the comment section I will write a dedicated post about your Query.

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