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How to stay anonymous on internet and why you need it?

Hi Guys welcome to the new Blog. In this Blog we will talk about the requirement of being anonymous on internet and Why should we remain anonymous while using internet. So let’s start today’s Topic.

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Why To Stay Anonymous on Internet?

While browsing internet we visits many website. Many website collects information about the user in every visit. Some of the website notifies users about this tracking while some do not.

The information which is collected by the website leads to show personalized ads. Many often these sites sell information of the user to another private firm which is then used by company in wrong way. So when we are using internet it is necessary to protect your identity and personal information.

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How our personal data gets collected?

While using internet we visit sites, these site collect information about our location through our IP address. Other information are stored by the way we use that site or search anything on that. Many sites asks for the access of your camera and mic or other storage access which can lead to the misuse of your personal data without even of being aware.

Not only the website but the browser we uses also tracks our vising nature and keeps the track of our usage. These browser gets all the access and information related to you, Which is then used to show you ads and other stuffs.

How to Stay anonymous on internet?

There are many ways to be anonymous on internet to protect your Information from getting leaked. This is completely legal to use. So we will be discussing how to stay anonymous on internet.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, While browsing your IP address is naked and can be traced by any one, This includes knowing your location from where you are using the internet. Using a VPN will make your IP safe Through Masking and you will be able to browse any website you want to use. VPN servers hide your actual IP and show a masked IP which is completely fake.

Search Engine That Do not Store Your Data

Search engines plays important role in your privacy tracking. Many search engine keeps a track of your search history and spies your activity which is further used to show you ads and pushing to buy the stuffs which you don’t really need. So always use a search engine that do not stores your data such as Duck Duck Go.

Using Temporary Mail

You can use Temporary Mail that can protect you from exposing your original mail address. I have Written a dedicated Blog about Why do we need Temporary Email? Make sure to read it.

I hope you find this article helpful about How to stay anonymous on internet and why you need it?. Share this post with your friends. Sharing is Caring ๐Ÿ™‚. If you have any query then please leave a comment.

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